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Brandable Windows Desktop Apps,
In Minutes, you can have your own Windows App that's BRANDED with your Viral Links (Money) and LOCKED to your Autoresponder (Leads)

Welcome to eBook-XS,
In Short, We make Done For you, Brandable software programs that you can use to build leads and generate income with ease.
In the next few minutes this website is going to provide you with everything you need to make a lasting online business for yourself.

We are going to hand you 3 essential ingredients that just about every single course on Internet marketing say are "MUST HAVES" if your going to give yourself the best chance of succeeding.

  1. Your own Quality Product.

  2. A way to gather leads and build a list.

  3. Viral marketing so you can multiply your efforts fast.

If you have your own product then YOU get 100% of the benefits! All the leads are yours to keep and you don't have to share any of your earnings if you don't want to.
  • The biggest earners online are product owners, SIMPLE FACT!

  • The biggest earners online have LISTS of Leads to sell to at anytime.

  • The Biggest earners have some way to multiply their efforts. (Affiliates or Viral marketing are 2 of the most popular)
Now we can't supply you the affiliates, that's NOT what we do.

What we do is build you Brandable software programs that hand you the 3 essentials mentioned above and get you up and running in literally 10 Minutes.

  • Done for you SOFTWARE product Creation!
    When you get an ebook-XS Brandable software product you get the appropriate rights to allow you to sell and giveaway that product.
    It becomes YOURS!
    We don't mind if you re-sell the product and keep the profit, in Fact these products are PERFECT for low cost entry products to your sales funnel.
    If you need a quality product FAST that have the correct rights to allow you to profit then look no further.

  • IN-BUILT Lead Gathering with our registration/activation system.
    eBook-XS products can be LOCKED UP and require an access code to be able to use the product or view the content. NO CODE, It shuts down.

    What this means is that EVERY copy that is downloaded is a potential subscriber to your list. The software asks for the email address AFTER the product has been downloaded and run for the first time.
    It displays your webform that the user fills out. They get added to your list and you email the access code in the first message. SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE!

  • BUILT-IN Viral marketing in Every Product.
    Every eBook-XS product has VIRAL links inside the software that you can brand with anything you like!
    Affiliate Links, Links to other products you own, CPA offers in fact any other webpage you want. Each brandable software title has MULTIPLE built in links that you can change to whatever you like.
    PLUS One HUGE feature that 90% of brandable software products DO NOT HAVE.

    A html window that shows any advert you like. Its perfect for 468x60 banner ads or text advertisements.
    BUT here is the big news.
    Whenever you UPDATE that html window, EVERY SINGLE copy of the software that has ever been sold or given away updates with the new advertisement the next time the software is open.
    This is a HUGE feature and allows you to market multiple Offers to the same people.
We make products for the Biggest Niches, so you can enter these proven and profitable marketplaces FAST!
  • Weight Loss and Health products.
  • Self-Help products.
  • Internet marketing Products.
Now Inside each of these major niches there are hundreds if not thousands of smaller ones.
We Look for active profitable niches then design products to suit.
NEW Brandable software products are being added all the time from Multiple creators, so you'll be able to come back whenever you need to launch into a new marketplace fast and pick up an automatic lead gathering, virally branded product that you own.
Right now we are fine tuning this website and setting up the platform for brandable software products. We have quietly launched a few products here but soon we will be adding many many more.
Check out the latest Products Link in the top menu.
But if you want to get ahead of the pack then jump on our Launch list below, its 100% FREE and whenever we launch a new brandable software product you will get priority notice and be able to get those products fast and at a discounted rate, EVEN FREE!

Not your average eBook!

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